18 Sets of Frame and Border Photoshop Brushes

Turn your images into original and impressive creations by using borders and frames. And, if you are an avid Photoshop user, then customizing a border effect for your favorite photos is a lot easier using Photoshop brushes. There are actually a lot of free Photoshop brushes specifically intended for making borders and frames effect that you can download . Using these free border Photoshop brushes, you can add stylish and fun frames to your digital photos, enhance your online albums, web pages, blogs, desktop wallpapers or mobile wallpapers, among many other things!

So if you like the floral, grunge, swirls or tech vector frames for your pictures, please check out the free border Photoshop brushes that I have put together in this post. Most of these resources are royalty-free. However, some of the authors have put restrictions on how you can use their work. So please make sure to read the terms first before using these Photoshop frame brushes, especially if you intend to use them for commercial projects.

frame photoshop brushes


01 – Frame Photoshop Brushes by anliah
This set includes 11 decorative border Photoshop brushes that you can use for your pictures. You can actually use these to make your photos look like they were from Victorian era. The zipped file you can download contains the ABR file only and has total size of 925 KB.

vintage victorian frame photoshop brushes


02- Curly corner brush by green-eyed-butterfly
A pack of curly border Photoshop brushes you can use for free. This set has a total file size of 260 KB, with each Photoshop brush resolution set at 640×480 pixels.

curly swirls frame photoshop brushes


03- Victorian Corners by green-eyed-butterfly
The set includes  30 border Photoshop brushes at resolution of 480 pixels by 640 pixels. These are compatible with Photoshop version 7. Total file size of the pack is 6.6 MB.

victorian corners frame photoshop brushes

04-Flower Frames from Lileya
Made in Photoshop CS but also guaranteed to work in higher or later versions of Photoshop. File size is 1.5 MB, with resolution of each frame brush set at 950×773 pixels. I hope that is hi-res enough for  you!

floral frames photoshop brushes

05- Floral Frame Brushes 7 by coolwing
Really beautiful frame and corner brushes that you can use for your designs. These are 450 x 450 pixels in size,  which are also big enough for web projects but just enough for your print design requirements.

flower frame photoshop brushes

06-Floral Frame Brushes 5 by coolwing
This set includes some trendy and sophisticated border Photoshop brushes that you can use for free. Total file size is 294 KB
and resolution of each Photoshop brush is 450×450 pixels. Checkout also the other frame Photoshop brushes from this author.

trendy floral swirls frame photoshop brushes

07-Elegant Border Brush Set by anodyne-stock
The pack contains 12 brushes for Photoshop version 7. File size is 620 KB, with resolution of each brush at 600×400 pixels.

elegant border photoshop brushes


08-Thin Grunge Border Brushes by DieheArt
This pack contains thin grunge frame brushes for Photoshop 7.0.  File size is 3.6 MB, with resolution of each brush at 567×567 pixels.

thin grunge frame photoshop brushes

09-Grungepack Brush by ShadyMedusa-stock
A set of grunge borders with a total file size of 1.1 MB. Resolution of each Photoshop brush is 500×500 pixels.

grunge borders photoshop brushes

10- Large Masks and Frames by endlessdeep
This is a set of large mask and frame free Photoshop brushes suitable for large graphics created using Photoshop CS2. An image pack is also included for those who are using other programs. File Size of the pack is 1.8 MB and resolution of each frame brush is 400×300 pixels.

mask frames photoshop brushes

11- Old Photo Frame Brushes 2 by RotFuchs
This set of grungy frame brush frame Photoshop brushes can be used with Photoshop CS and later versions. They are free for personal but not for commercial purposes. File size is 830 KB.

old photo frame photoshop brushes

12- Grunge Frames by ro-stock
This set includes 10 border Photoshop brushes . The pack includes the .ABR file only. Total file size is 1.3 MB with resolution of each brush at 800×800 pixels.

film strip frame photoshop brushes


13- Twirl Borders Brushes by  szuia
14 frames  with twirls design with resolution of each brush at 500×500 pixels. File size of the downloadable pack is 397 KB. This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-Share Alike 3.0 License.

twirl border photoshop brushes

14- High Resolution Frames by flina
Total of 18 high resolution (1500×2000 pixels) frame Photoshop brushes. The download file also contains an image pack, for those of who are not Photoshop users.

unique frame photoshop brushes

15- Floral Frames Brushes by  Cheap Perfume
There are 8 beautiful frame Photoshop brushes in this set that you can use for free. These are compatible with Photoshop 7 and later versions.

floral frame photoshop brushes

16 – Frames by tiffcali06
File size of the set is 655 KB with resolution of each brush at 628×588 pixels.

swirly frame photoshop brushes

17- Celtic Frame PS Brush by  E-Derby
These brushes were made using Photoshop CS2. An image pack (PNG files) is also included in the zipped file you can download (671 KB in size). Resolution of the Photoshop brush is at 630×420 pixels.

celtic frame photoshop brushes

18 – Border and Corner Brushes by PsyDoxArt
Total of over 30 vector-looking frame Photoshop brushes with resolution of 1100 x 1200 pixels. Several of these Photoshop brushes are corner brushes while the remaining 15 are border brushes.  File size of the brush set is 1.5MB.

border and corner frame photoshop brushes

Author: Gisela

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  14. Hi. Thanks for posting these brushes. Only problem is, I don’t know how to begin using them. I followed your tutorial on how to install them…but I can’t seem to find the new brush (border, e.g. Curly) anywhere. I am using CS2.

    Thanks for any direction you can offer.

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    • Make sure you remember the folder where you saved it when you downloaded the brushes from this site. Then try loading the brush agin using the tutorial. Thanks. I hope that helps!

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