30 Elegant Business Cards for Inspiration

Elegant business cards are your best choice if you want your card to be memorable by not being too loud. We use business cards to get us noticed and make a lasting impression to our clients so that they remember us when they are looking for services. But, I would like to stress though that our cards do not need to be very elaborate and fancy. As I said, we want us to get noticed and not our cards.  Simplicity does not equal plain.  A simple yet elegant business card design can go a long way. Yes, elegant and simple. Just the way you describe yourself.

To prove my point, just look at these 30 simple yet very elegant business cards that will surely make people look twice. Most of these designs compiled in this post are from Behance Network, Flickr and and other websites. If you are interested to know more about a particular business card design, simply click on the text link provided below the preview image and it will take you to a new page where you can view more pictures in high-resolution format and other important details. I hope you will find these business card designs inspiring as well. Have a nice day!

examples of elegant business cards

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01-Francisco Giner Calero
A typographic design in a brown kraft paper using tag cloud style makes this card irresistible.

elegant typographic kraft business cards

02- Stefano Fabri Photographer Business Card
A simple yet very elegant design in black background is a good choice if you want a simple yet not boring card.

elegant photographer business cards

03- Amy Berman Letterpress Business Card
Letterpress printing combined with embossing or debossing can give a touch of style to your card.

letterpress with embossed logo business cards

04- Pascal Bosquet
This black business card uses bold text with UV gloss in the same color as the background.

elegant black with spot gloss business cards

05 – Typographic Business Card by Bottomless Paddling
Simple business cards using hand stamps.

hand stamped elegant business cards

06- Fizi Pao- Lee Design Office
A very simple design with embossing and gloss.

elegant black and white business cards

07- Playful by Pablo Alfieri
One card design but comes in different color schemes.

elegant black business cards

08 – Chief Realty Investments, Inc. Card by Davier Interactive
A sample business card for a realty investment company.

real estate business cards

09- SILNT Business Card by Felix Ng
This white on white business card looks very neat and classy.

with with debossing business cards

10- James Wickenden Cards by Jack Crossing

elegant black and white business cards

11- Ster Anko (Clothing for Men and Women) Business Cards by G-MAN

gold foil stamping- elegant business cards

12- Karen Gaskill’s Foiled in Metallic Pink and Gloss Black on charcoal board by G-MAN

Foiled in Metallic Pink and Gloss Black business cards

13- Missimalukki Webshop Cards by LGL Communication

peel off sticker business cards

14-Japan Cars by Redband

Japan-themed black elegant business cards

15- Bryon Darby Photography business cards

embossed photographer business cards

16- More Often Clothing Stamped Business Cards

stamped business cards

17-Green Business Cards by Jamie Wieck

green business cards

18-Fuse Print and New Media

Fuse black business card

19-Liz Maybury

elegant black and white business cards

20- Neighborhood Life Center Cards by Tammie Springs

red elegant business cards

21- Random sequence by mrwalker

white and gray business cards

22- Ploc Media

black and blue business cards

23- Thomas Rockstar

funny business cards

24-Optimum Fotography business card by Tate of Ink Studio

die cut photography business cards

25-Mars Made Business Card Design

dark blue business cards

26- Moo Design Studio Business Card by greatmanlin

brown typographic business cards

27- Jason McGrew by the Mandate Press

black elegant business cards

28- Moker Ontwerp

black logo embossed business cards

29- Archi Com Group

transparent plastic business cards

30- Cake and Pie

blue and white business cards

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