1000+ Free Grunge Background Textures

Grunge textures are useful for creating vintage look,  making graffiti artwork and many other things. This post has been sitting on my draft page for months and it was just yesterday when I was making my post about free graffiti fonts when I remembered that I had an unfinished post about resources for grunge textures. Obviously, this post is very much related to my previous entry here.

For example, you can use the grunge textures you will find here with the free graffiti fonts that I featured in my previous post then add a few brush strokes in Photoshop and presto! you have a graffiti artwork that you can use as your desktop wallpaper. This is just one of the many things that you can do using these grunge textures.

free grunge background textures

There are thousands of grunge textures that you can choose from links below. Most of these textures are licensed under Creative Commons and are therefore free to use for noncommercial purposes under certain conditions laid out by their respective authors. To download the textures, just click on the preview image.


01- Grunge Extreme by Six Revisions
In this set, you will get 15 free and high resolution grunge background textures that you can use for any purpose. They are extremely large in size, each being 2,896 pixels by 1,944 pixel.

grunge textures

02 – Free Grunge Textures by Texturez.com
There are about 91 free and high resolution grunge textures in this set. The resolution of each image ranges from 1876×1920 pixels to 2560×1920 pixels. The images on texturez.com are free for commercial and non-commercial use for everyone but you may not host, redistribute or sell any of the images found on this site.

grunge textures

3- 300+ free hi-res grunge textures you’ve never seen before! by Designshard
The pack contains over 300 grunge, worn, torn and weathered textures. Resolution of each image is set at 1600 by 1064 pixels although the original resolution was 3264  by 2448 pixels. These images are free to use for whatever purpose you intend, commercial and personal.

grunge, worn and destroyed background textures

04 – Free Grunge Textures from Grungetextures.com
Grunge textures is a website dedicated to collecting free but quality grunge textures. Textures  are categorized systematically for easier navigation. For example, you can easily find grungy wood textures, or paper textures, so on and so forth. Images from this site are high quality JPG files and licensed as free for personal and non-profit use. Dimension of each image is around 3504 x 2336 pixels. There are around 1,320 in 18 categories (and counting!) that you may find in this site.

grunge textures

05 – Grunge and Dirty Textures from Photoshop Roadmap
There are six sets of dirty and grungy images that you can download from Photoshop Roadmap. Some of them are tile-able and some are really high-resolution images.

grunge and dirty background textures

06 – Natural Texture Pack 1 &2 by Arbenting
Arbenting has 2 packs of grunge textures, with each pack containing 15 high-resolution images. These sets are free for both commercial and personal purposes but you are not allowed to repackage or redistribute them.

natural grunge background textures

07 – Ultimate Grunge Pack: 40 High-Res Textures from Web Design Ledger
There are 40 free and high resolution grunge pictures of wood, paper and metal that you can use for your web designs.

high-res grunge background textures

08 – Grunge Extreme by Yunyunsarang on Deviantart
This set comprises 10 grunge backgrounds with resolution 888 x 592 pixels.

grunge background textures with splats

09 – Color Grunge Textures by Intano Stock on Deviantart
There are 10 interesting free grunge background pictures from this pack that you can download.

free color grunge background textures

10 – Catalyst Texture Packs by Cloaks 0n Deviantart
Another 10 nice and grungy backgrounds that you can use for free.

colorful grunge background textures

11 – Summer Rain by Leilax on Deviantart
This pack has  4 large images sized 2000 by  1333 pixels.

candy colored grunge background textures

12 – Hard Core Vintage Grunge Textures by Princess of Shadows on Deviantart
This set includes 6 super extreme and dramatic grunge backgrounds for the hard core grunge lovers. These images were created using scans and a mix of different textures and brushes.

vintage grunge background textures

13 – Grunge Textures by Imaginary Rose on  Deviantart
This set of grunge backgrounds contains 4 free and high resolution images that you can use for any purpose.

vinatge grunge background textures

14 – Grunge Texture Collection by Cloaks on Deviantart
You can find hundreds of medium-size grunge images from this deviant user. Enjoy browsing the gallery!

medium resolution grunge background textures

15 – Grunge Texture Stock by Buzillo Stock on Deviantart
The pack that you can download contains 6 free and high resolution grunge photos that you can use for any purpose. The download pack is 45MB in size.

old grunge background textures

16 – Ten Large Grunge Textures from Misstarlight via Deviantart
Pack of 10 free and high resolution grunge images that you can use for any purpose.

orage-red grunge background textures

17-Four Grunge Textures by Tux Xtreme via Deviantart
Four (4)  free and high resolution dirty photos are included in this texture pack that you can use for any purpose.

grunge paper background textures

18 – Large Abstract Grunge Textures by Master Jinn via Deviantart
This set consists 12 free and high resolution grungy images that you can use absolutely free.

abstract and grungy images of paper, metals

19 – Ten Grunge Textures by Lacerated Wrists via Deviantart
There are 10 free and high resolution dirty textures in this set that you can use for personal and even commercial projects.

grunge and dirty background textures

20 – Large Textures by Crazykira Resources on Deviantart
Included in this pack are 5 free and high resolution grunge  photos that you may use for both personal and commercial uses.

colorful grunge background textures

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  1. Hi Gizelle. Nice roundup. Though I myself would like to stay clear from grunge design for a while as I have also previously published some… but hey, how can you resist those gorgeous textures. I say, grungy looks are here to stay and will continue to gain on popularity.

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  2. Loved every minute of it. And you’ve created a free resource.
    You’ll tons and tons of traffic from this single page.

    No, worries, Guaranteed.

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