15 iPhone PSD Templates for Mockups

Apple iPhone has become one of the most popular mobile phones in the world. In response, people have been looking for more products and applications to hype up their phones. Designers and developers, for example, have started designing wallpapers, icons and mobile applications intended for iPhone users. If you need some high-quality iPhone Photoshop templates to showcase your designs and applications as mockups, here is a roundup of the best iPhone PSD templates we found online. Most of the templates feature the latest iPhone 4 and some few (one or two entries) 3G and 2G iPhone phones. To know more about each design and to download the pack that you want, simply follow the text link provided below each preview image. Some of these templates also come with a tutorial so you can also peek at how designers were able to come up with these iPhone PSD templates and mockups. I hope you will find something useful in this post.

01- iPhone Starter Kit
A set that comes with several button elements as well as six different iPhone interface options. This pack may be useful for mobile developers and front-end designers who need a professional way to show mock-ups to clients or to work out ideas.

iphone psd mockup templates


02- Free Apple iPhone PSD Files
This is template is very useful for designing screenshot, banner, etc. It will save a lot of your precious time as you don’t have to cut and paste from the scratch.

iphone screenshot psd template mockup


03- Apple iPhone 4G PSD
This Apple iPhone 4G in Photoshop PSD format is at 5000px resolution and includes 123 layers contained in 35 groups.

iphone 4G psd template mockup


04- Apple iPhone 4 PSD + PNG + ICO
Apple iPhone 4G with revolutionary new launch bar (replacing dock).

iPhone 4G with revolutionary new launch bar in PSD template


05- iPhone 4 PSD
Here is a big-sized, 300+ DPI iPhone 4 Black PSD for all you apple iPhone lovers.

black iphone 4 psd templates


06- iPhone 4 PSD
This might be handy for those who want to present their iPhone apps in a cool way.

iphone psd templates for apps mockup


07- iPhone 4
Here’s another iPhone 4 with fully editable Photoshop PSD file.

iPhone 4 with fully editable Photoshop PSD file


08- Free iphone v4 white
Here is a PSd template featuring iPhone 4 in white with all layers at resolution of 2048 pixels and fully editable. This templates was created in Photoshop cs5.

iphone 4 white psd templates


09- iPhone 4 PSD
A Photoshop template featuring the front and back image of Apple iPhone 4.

iphone 4 front and back psd templates


10- iPhone 4 White and Black
A template featuring the black and white version of iPhone 4.

iPhone 4 White and Black psd templates


11-iPhone iOS 4 Black – White
This template features the back view of iPhone 4 Black and White.

iPhone iOS 4 Black-White psd templates


12- iPhone4 Vector PSD with Bumper
A layered PSD template of iPhone 4 with blue and pink bumper.

iPhone 4 Vector PSD with Bumper psd templates


13 iPhone Delight PSD Pack
If you need to present the iPhone 4 in a more creative way, here’s a template for you.

creative iphone psd templates


14- Apple iPhone 4 Black PSD
A vector-based template in PSD that you can use for free for presenting your iPhone apps and other products.

iphone vector-based template in PSD


15- iPhone 4 HD
The template includes 4 images (front and back) of the Black and White iPhone 4.

iPhone 4 high definition HD psd templates


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