Free Vintage Lace Border Brushes + PNG Image Pack

Today’s freebie is a set of Photoshop brushes featuring vintage lace border designs that you can download and use in your projects. The set contains 12 high-quality images of ornate lace border with lots of swirls and flower designs. You can use these lace borders as dividers or as frames for your texts, pictures, or artworks. If you are a Photoshop nerd, you can play around with the accompanying brushes by changing the colors, experimenting with the blend modes and rotating, flipping these brushes.

Elegant, romantic, soft and feminine, lace – which is derived from the Latin word laqueus, meaning loop or noose – is a popular ornament since the 16th Century both in fashion and as home decor. The production of lace started in Europe during the 1700s. The original lace products were handcrafted using needles and later bobbins, requiring tremendous amounts of talent to produce them. Lace during its early days was worn as a sign of prestige and wealth and considered among the most valued possessions of a household.

In modern times, lace remains a favorite ornament not just in fashion and home decor but also for print and web designs. You see lace as background for a blog or website or in advertisements and web banners. As lace signifies style, beauty, and elegance. As a symbol of femininity, lace also dominates most of materials for a wedding celebration–from the wedding gown to bridesmaids dresses, to the decorations, and even for invitation cards, thank you cards, RSVP cards, among other many things.

lace border


The lace border brushes are high resolution, with each image at around 2500 pixels wide. You can therefore use them for large layout for printing because you can change the size without the fear of losing their crispness and quality.

Use these lace border brushes to create post cards, greeting cards, and invitation cards for weddings, engagement announcements, birthdays, birth announcements, and baptism.

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You do not have Photoshop? No problem. You may just download the ready-to-use image pack in Portable Network Graphics (PNG) format. Unlike when using the .ABR file, these PNG images are compatible with programs other than Photoshop like Powerpoint presentations. And since these images are not JPEG, they have transparent background. You can create different look by just changing your background image or background color. Below is a preview of the images you can get from this pack. The lace border designs comes in gold foil texture. The second image show a close-up image of the lace designs. They are quite high-res, with size of each lace image  at around 2500 pixels wide.

lace border

lace border

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These brushes and PNG images are free for personal projects only. Please link bank to this page if you use them. Also, please refrain from making them available for download outside of this site. If you want other people to know about our freebies, please refer them to this post.

You need to enter the password (bdo) to open the RAR file. This is to prevent hotlinking and discourage people from violating terms of use of our brushes.

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