15 Free Cool Lettering Font Types for Fun Designs

To help you come up with creative and fun designs, we are featuring today 15 new and cool lettering font types. Handmade lettering font is becoming more and more popular. You see them in almost any medium–print, web and multimedia. I especially love to use these type of fonts in making printables for scrapbook and for personal greeting cards and party invitation. Combine these fonts with hand drawn design elements like flowers, leaves, and other nature-themed design elements and then put some nice watercolor texture backgrounds to create cool and original designs. Lettering fonts can also add a personal touch to your work since they look like you wrote them with your personal handwriting.


Below are the list of 15 cool lettering fonts. To download them, simply click on the title for each entry (in blue text). Most of these lettering handmade fonts are free to use for personal work but there are some that allow commercial usage. make sure to read the terms of use of each free font before using them for commercial purposes. I hope you will like the free lettering fonts featured here and that you are able to use them in your projects. Enjoy!

PH Free Fonts- Hand Lettering Fonts

A free lettering font from Font Fabric composed of four font weights: 100 condensed caps, 300 condensed caps, 400 regular caps, and 600 regular caps. These free fonts are part of a multifaceted font system consisting 98 weights.

lettering font


Basulto: A Free Hand Letter Fonts

This free handmade lettering font may be downloaded and used for free in your designs. The font comes in two weights: light and regular. The letters are also in uppercase only.

lettering font


Parker Vintage Lettering Fonts

Here is another handmade lettering font with a vintage vibe. The lettering have chalk/pencil shaded texture perfect for vintage design, t-shirts, logo, posters and more.

lettering font


Waterlily Free Lettering Fonts

This free font features come in bold weight, making it great for titles, slogan, and other projects that require thick lettering font.

lettering font

Sunn: A Free Hand Drawn Fonts

Just in case you need a slim font that looks handwritten then this type is for you. This font is perfect for clean creative designs.

lettering font


Besom – A Brush Font

Here is another cool font for your lettering projects. This would look great for typographic poster or logo.

lettering font


Reis Brushed Font

This hand lettered font is great for posters and big powerful headlines. This would also look great when used for logos and slogans.

lettering font


Bellabo: A Hipster Hand Lettered Free Font

This font is an all caps, perfect for headlines and logo designs. It also contains Latin characters and Swedish characters. This font is available in .OTF and .TTF formats.

lettering font

Free Serif Lettering Textured Font: Firefly 2015

Here is another cool serif lettering font for extra artistic handmade look.

lettering font


Chalk Hand Lettering Shaded Font

If you need a font that looks like they have been hand lettered with chalk, then this one’s for you. You can pair this font with one of our free chalkboard backgrounds.

lettering font


Carosello Vintage Font

A beautiful font inspired by vintage ads, and created to give a genuine hand-written impression to your work. It will be a huge helper to anyone who’s into vintage style.

lettering font


Leon Free Font

Here is a super cool free font for adding hand lettered look in your designs. The fonts are in all caps (uppercase), making them great for headlines for posters and flyers.

lettering font


Fofer: A Free Handwritten Font

A free handwritten lettering font for making catchy headlines and logos.

lettering font


Engine Free Font

This lettering font comes in regular and italic as well as capital and lower-case letters. The font also supports a number of different languages including French, Spanish and Polish.

lettering font

Novito Nova Free Font

According to its author, this lettering font was created to make people happy. The font includes bold and thin weights and in uppercase letters.

lettering font

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