65 High-Quality Retro Cip Art in Vector Graphics Format

Whether or not you like retro or vintage look, you have to accept that this type of design will always be in style. It’s because retro or vintage art represents a bygone era using design elements that are distinctive to a particular time in our lives. When seeing vintage designs, people just can’t help but become nostalgic and sentimental. So in this post, we tried to put together all the freshest vector graphics with retro or vintage themes. We are pretty sure that these will come in handy in the near future. These artworks represent some cool and humorous pop culture designs from the 1930s through to the 1990s. And since these are vector files, you have therefore plenty of room to move around since these are not resolution-dependent and can be manipulated without losing details unlike their bitmap counterparts. So be ready to scroll your mouse down and get all the vectors you want while they are still available and free. However, if you are in a hurry, you can always bookmark this page and come back later on to get these vector graphics. I hope you will find them useful in your work. To download, simply click on the preview image of the vector file that you want.



01-Vintage Poster Template
A beautiful template in EPS format for a vintage poster with floral pattern background. The template includes spaces for text so it would be very easy to customize this.

free vintage vector art-retro poster

02-Polaroid on Retro Background Vector by 123freevectors.com

free vintage vector art-polaroid and retro background

03-Abstract Retro Flowers Card Vector Free by 123freevectors.com
A card template featuring abstract retro flowers. This free vintage vector is available for download in Ai and A4 jpg format.

free vintage vector art-flower card template design

04-Retro Flowers by Mujka
Elegant vector graphics of flowers. Tender blooming plants with shiny petals, thin leaves and swirling stems. Big transparent silhouette of the petals shapes behind the blooming flowers.

free vintage vector art-retro flowers and vines

05-Vintage Card Vector Graphic by Dry Icons
A beautiful vintage looking card template in blue featuring text frames with polka dot and stripes background.

free vintage vector art-dot background for greeting card

06-Cute Vintage Sign Vector Graphic by Dry Icons
An EPS template for a vintage sign in pretty pink. Text frames can be easily edited for customization.

free vintage vector art-pink floral sign template

07-Retro Bike Vector Graphic by Dry Icons

free vintage vector art-retro bike polka dot background

08-Retro Floral Card by Designious.com
A vintage greeting card vector design with blooming flowers and many grunge decorations.

free vintage vector art-retro floral card

09-Vintage Floral Background by Webdesignhot.com
Retro graphics with delicate flower. Vector footage of silhouette plant with buds and blooming rose petals.

free vintage vector art-grunge floral card template

10-Grunge Retro Rounds Text Banner by 123freevectors.com
Here is a grunge background with text frame surrounded by retro rounds.

free vintage vector art-text banner with rounds background

11-Free Vector Green Retro Vintage Style Card by 123freevectors.com
A green retro style card design. This free vector graphic is available for download in Ai and A4 jpg preview.

free vintage vector art-grunge star background template

12-Music backgrounds By bazaar designs
Music-related backgrounds in vector EPS and Ai formats. Useful for making party fliers.

free vintage vector art-music background

13-Golden Frame for Text by easyvectors.com

free vintage vector art-golden frame floral background

14-Flowered Owl Vector By UpriseArts
Flowered Owl Vector – Kitchy styled owl vector created with flowers and other plant parts.

free vintage vector art-floral owl sketch

15-I Love Vespa by misstitina

free vintage vector art-vintage vespa scooter illustration

16-Floral Vintage Card Template by prama21

free vintage vector art-floral pattern backgrounds

17-Lovely Valentine Heart Greeting Card Vector by ~123freevectors

free vintage vector art-hearts and stars background

18-Rolleiflex Camera Illustration  by ~ArmandOrez

free vintage vector art-old camera

19-Lovely pink and gray card design by VisionMates
Download this lovely pink and gray card design in Ai and A4 jpg preview format.

free vintage vector art-pink and gray swirl background

20-Free Travel Vector by vectorjungle.com
Free retro travel vector you can use as is or break it up to build other nice scenes. The grid and map can be easily removed and you can have a nice beach sunset background!

free vintage vector art-sunset beach travel background

21-Music grunge backgrounds by easyvectors.com

free vintage vector art-music background grunge beams

22-Fabulous Las Vegas Background in Vintage Theme

free vintage vector art-fabulous las vegas

23-Retro Cloud Vintage Background Template

free vintage vector art-retro cloud

24-Pop Art Shoes Vector Illustration

free vintage vector art-pop art shoes illustration

25-Party Night Background
A nice party flier template with a vintage vibe free to download and use.

free vintage vector art-vintage party flier template

26-Bouquet of Hibiscus and Circle Label

free vintage vector art-hibiscus label

27-Abstract Retro Background Featuring Stars in Yellow Grungy Background

free vintage vector art-yellow stars and curves background

28-Wanted Badge by MikeDG7
Wild West retro vector of a round stamp that reads “Wanted”. The font is very similar to the typography you see in western movies.

free vintage vector art-wanted badge

29-Free Vector Graphics Pack By  H. Daniel
Vector design footage set. Various cool design clip art, 3D graphics, doodles and illustrations including man silhouette with guitar, etc.

free vintage vector art-retro design elements

30-Colorful Background Vintage Vector Graphic by Gwebstock

free vintage vector art-blue swirls dots and florals

31-Retro Background Vector
Retro background with color splatters,lines and halftone.

free vintage vector art-grunge background

32-Retro Vintage Badge Vector by 123freevectors.com

free vintage vector art-vintage badge

33-Tropical Vector Art by freevector.com
Template featuring tropical vector art of island with palm trees, banner with copy space for your text, stars and graphic design flakes on radiant background.

free vintage vector art-tropical island palm trees

34-Retro Nature Vector Art by coolvectors
Free retro forest stock vector graphics for your illustrations, website design and presentations.

free vintage vector art-nature design

35-Fifties Housewife Vectors by Free Vector
Cool vintage vector art illustrations of fifties style hysteric housewife and Betty Flintstone from the Flintstones.

free vintage vector art-50s housewife illustration

36-Abstract Colorful Artwork Background by  webdesignhot

free vintage vector art-colorful rainbow background

37-Retro Floral Vector Background by  webdesignhot

free vintage vector art-floral brown background

38-Disco Ball with Guitar by vectorfresh

free vintage vector art-guitar and disco ball

39-Sixties Girls Vectors by FreeVector.com
Swinging sixties girls vector art illustration of sexy 60’s style women dressed in miniskirts, colorful dresses, t-shirts, tank tops and bathing suits.

free vintage vector art-60s sixties girls

40-Flower Girl Vector
Romantic illustration of beautiful vector girl with flowers in her hair and butterflies flying all around her.

free vintage vector art-illustrated girl with flowers and butterflies

41-Kiss Vector by FreeVector.com
Free kissing couple vector artwork. Vector illustration of retro cartoon romantic people in love, Valentine’s Day kiss.

free vintage vector art-kissing couple

42-Vintage Green Label Vector Graphic by Dry Icons

free vintage vector art-sale fliers

43-Tea Time Vector Graphic by Dry Icons

free vintage vector art-tea time

44-Vintage Badges Vector Graphic by DryIcon
There are 9 retro or vintage badges in this set that you can use for retro-inspired designs.

free vintage vector art-retro badges

45-Vector Ribbons Vector Graphic by DryIcons
A number of vintage ribbons in various colors and shapes are included in this template.

free vintage vector art-retro ribbons

46-Vintage Stickers by freevector.com
Here are some retro vector graphics for sticker or product labels.

free vintage vector art-retro label templates

47-T-Shirt Prints by Freevector.com
Here is a vector design pack with many different T-shirt print templates. The designs feature retro images, subtle colors,etc.

free vintage vector art-retro shirt designs

48-Clouds and transport vector set

free vintage vector art-retro clouds and transport pack

49-Fun Love Vector Icons By  Free Vector
Free fun vector icons and love graphics. Download colorful hearts, butterflies, red roses, flowers, plants, leafs, music and gaming clip art, jumping dolphins, dancing man, globe, etc.

free vintage vector art-fun design elements

50-Vintage wedding decorative frames and elements vector by vectorgraphicsblog
2 sets of vector vintage wedding decorative frames and elements with flourish, volutes, floral ornate twirls, borders, ornaments, patterns and labels, different embellishments.

free vintage vector art-wedding and love decorations

51-Vintage Movie Ticket Vector Set by  webdesignhot

free vintage vector art-movie tickets

52-1985 – A Free Vector Pack of 80s Icons by  spoongraphics
Big hair, mix tapes, boom boxes, BMX, roller skates and skateboards were all icons of the 1980s. This vector pack contains them all, plus more retro goodness! The pack contains 11 scalable vector graphics, for use as icons or as resources for your illustrations or design projects.

free vintage vector art-1985 retro images

53-Free Vectors Design by Violataz

free vintage vector art-fun design elements

54-Vector Packs Download
A pack of retro vector elements from people to cartoons and appliances.

free vintage vector art-people appliances design elements

55-Footage Download by Free Vector
Large set of vector clip art illustration to create your own artworks: vector girl, biohazard, seats, design chair, View Master, globe, star shapes and game console vectors, heart, arrows and geometric shapes.

free vintage vector art-retro vetor pack

56-Antique Heraldry by mrtentacleguy.deviantart.com
Free heraldry graphics pack in vector art format. Vintage heraldic vector graphics brushes set with ancient weapons, helmets, crowns, arms, retro emblems, fleur de lis, old shields, vintage illustrations of icons and symbols, banners, skulls, bones, wings, flowers, dragons, lion, eagle, horse and griffon.

free vintage vector art-heraldy pack

57-Vintage elements free vector
This set includes vintage design elements in vector eps format such as an old telegraph, a feather for writing, post stamps and envelopes.

free vintage vector art-postage mail stamps

58-Vintage Frame Cards Vector in Four Different Colors

free vintage vector art-ribbon cards templates

59-Retro Elements Vector

free vintage vector art-retro elements

60- Ecology and Grunge Vintage Labels

free vintage vector art-ecology and grunge retro label

61- Calligraphy Ornament Vector Pack

free vintage vector art-calligraphy ornament pack

62-Vector Pack: Uno by JonnyDoomsday

free vintage vector art-retro design elements pack

63-21 Free Vector Boomboxes by Snap2Objects
Remember the 80?s? Those Boomboxes or Ghetto-blasters pumping up the volume? Well, here are 21 Vector Boomboxes to blast your designs with a funky retro look.

free vintage vector art-boomboxes

64-Vintage music by ~S3xyGlass3s
Includes music appliances and stuff from the 80s such as a casette tape, vinyl records, turntable and a game controller.

free vintage vector art-retro music design elements

65-Wonderful World Vector Pack by ~Tomster84

free vintage vector art-mix design elements

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