200+ Retro Background Patterns for Web and Print Designs

Patterns that are seamless and repeating have been gracing our designs, both print and web, for the longest time. In this post, we pool together over 200 retro patterns  from around the web. All these patterns feature a 50s style retro color combinations and shapes that are reminiscent of styles from 60s op-art to 70s pill shapes.

The retro design trend remains a big hit because of its unique look. The retro look is evident not just in graphic designs for both web and print, but also fashion and interior design, to name a few.

So, whether you need retro patterns to create an engaging background for a website or blog or to create vintage themed printables like post cards and scrapbook note cards, these beautiful retro patterns will surely help a lot.


Below, you will find over 200 retro patterns that you can use as backgrounds for our web and print design projects. All retro patterns are repeating and seamless.

10 Free Navy Blue Background Designs

A set of free seamless patterns in navy blue background designs with beige and silver accents. This set includes 10 navy, beige, and silver color and texture combinations that you may download and use for free in your designs.

retro patterns


12 Geometric Retro Repeating Patterns

The pack that you may download include the Photoshop Patterns (.pat) file. So if you are a Photoshop nerd, there are still hundreds of ways to play around with these patterns by changing background colors and the sizes of the patterns. However, if you do not know how to use patterns in Photoshop, you can download the high-resolution digital papers in PNG format.

retro patterns

8 Vintage Repeating Background Patterns

These patterns also feature geometric shapes, but this time in orange, pink and brown color schemes. There are eight unique patterns in this set in circular and square shapes. These may be used as background for posters, greeting cards, party invitations, or for website background. These patterns would also look great as your computer desktop wallpaper.

retro patterns


72 Retro Colorful Patterns

Here is a huge pack of retro patterns in vector format that you can download for free.



Grungy Faded Retro Geometric Patterns

There are 6 grungy faded retro patterns in different styles that you can find in this set.

retro patterns

27 Retro Photoshop Patterns

There are 27 retro design patterns in this set great as backgrounds for both web and print designs

retro patterns

78 Retro Pink and Blue Patterns

This is a huge pattern pack consisting 78 retro patterns that are seamless and tiling. These are great for making backgrounds for almost anything you wish to look retro.

retro patterns


Blue Retro Pattern Set Vol.1

A set of 10 seamless and tiling patterns with retro designs. All patterns come in vibrant blue and white color combination.

retro patterns

Circle and Dots Patterns

The package that you may download include the PAT file and the patterns. Each pattern is 300 pixels wide and perfectly seamless.

retro patterns


25 Free Retro Geometric Patterns

Here are 25 free retro patterns featuring design style from the 1950s. These patterns also sport retro color schemes.

retro patterns

Set 28 – Photoshop Dot and Stripe Patterns

There are 10 patterns in this set consisting of dots, stripes, and stars, in retro color palettes.

retro patterns


Retro Fusion Patterns

This set consists 20 retro-inspired seamless patterns for all your design needs.

retro patterns


Retro Butter Patterns

A set of 11 seamless tiling Photoshop patterns featurng various retro shapes–circles, squares, stripes, etc.

retro patterns


Seamless Grainy Retro Pattern Set

A combo pack of large 1024 x 1024 pixels seamless patterns. Each pattern features color washed and grainy retro textures. These patterns come as .jpg format as well as a corresponding Photoshop tileable pattern (.PAT) set.

retro patterns


Photoshop Retro Brown Patterns

A set of five stylish retro patterns that are seamless and tiling. The patterns sport a subdued colors of purple, brown and gray.

retro patterns

Author: Gisela

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