Album Cover Art: 25 Typographic Design Ideas

Today, I am featuring 25 album cover art and concepts featuring typographic designs. By rounding up these projects in one location, I hope to provide young and aspiring artists inspiration  in designing their own album cover.

There are plenty of ways to design an album cover.  Some use heavily edited and airbrushed photos like those in movie DVDs and some music albums while others try to be more creative by using typography and text effects. I prefer the latter style as it takes one to be really creative in order to come up with great design using text and text effects alone. Also, using typography as the main design element has been a growing trend in recent years. We see them in book covers, movie posters, print advertisements, greeting cards and even in t-shirt designs.

Most of these album covert art and designs are just concepts, mostly from students of graphic design. Majority also are actual designs for music albums.  I hope you will find them helpful and inspiring in creating your own typographic album cover art.

To know more about each design, such as the theme, concepts, story behind the design as well as other important details, simply click on the preview image below.


01- Simple Typography CD Covers

simple typographic CD cover design

02- Kid Beyond CD Cover

red typographic CD cover design

03-Headstrong Concept

Headstrong typographic CD cover

04- Incubus

Incubus typographic CD cover

05-BBC Schools – Rising Damp

Rising Damp CD cover design

06- A Ransom Note

grungy cut out typographic CD cover design

07-Typography: Tally Of Types

bold typographic CD designs

08-‘ON’ promotional CD

ON promotional CD cover design

09-The remixer remixed again

grungy splats typographic CD cover design

10-Wretched habit CD cover

grungy coffee splats CD cover design

11– The White Stripes

white red stripes typographic CD cover

2-Patti Smith Cd cover

handwritten typographic CD cover design

13-The Dave Brubeck Quartet CD
grungy wall CD cover design

14-The Cinematic Orchestra

typographic CD cover design

15– Helen CD

modern shapes with typographic CD cover

16– Miles Davis Big Fun

music themed typographic CD cover

17– Music from Mathematics

music and mathematics CD cover design


graffiti inspired CD cover design

19– A Selection of Graphic Projects

big bold letters typographic CD cover design

20– 1-Up

red white CD cover design

21– John Zorn’s Naked City

abstract typographic cd cover design

22– Typography in Album Cover

big bold typography-cd cover design

23– Deftones Cd Cover

deftones typographic cd cover design

24-Szavak Ereje Typo

tag cloud typographic cd cover design

25- Digits

digital typographic cd cover design

Author: Gisela

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  1. Woah! This will be another smashing collection from you. Thanks for sharing this!

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    • @Rocky Garcia –
      Thanks! Glad you like the collection. 🙂

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  2. Awesome, I really like the White Strips album cover – keep up the great work!

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  3. Some cool designs here! Cheers.

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  4. Thanks for sharing, alot of amazing designs here !

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  5. Hi my name is Keith and i am a underground musician. Your artwork is brilliant and definitely would want you to help me in designing my album cover. Please let me know if you would like to help.

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