35 Funny Guerrilla Marketing Billboard Ads

One of the most effective ways to get get noticed is through the use of guerrilla marketing techniques. Because guerrilla marketing is unusual and more unpredictable than traditional marketing activities, they can be more memorable and produce a bigger impact.

People love to be entertained. That is why laughter has an enormous power when it comes to advertising. The use of humor in advertising campaigns does not only get the attention of consumers, it also make your product or service easier to recall or remember. If there is one advertisement that you seem to remember up to this day, I am sure it is one of those funny ads you saw on a billboard while driving on a highway.

Here are 35 funny ads that make use of humor to get the attention of people. Some of them are not really billboards but other forms of outdoor ads like guerrilla marketing. To know more and get to the source of each image, just click on the preview image. Have fun browsing through these cool billboard ads!

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01-Nikon D700 Guerrilla Style Billboard
Nikon took its cue from our celebrity-obsessed paparazzi culture to launch the brand’s D700 model in Korea.

Nikon D700 Guerrilla Style Billboard


02-Swiss Skydive Elevator
Call it buzz, guerrilla, viral, word-of-mouth, whatever – marketing and advertising stunts and ideas that achieve free attention are working now perhaps better than ever before.

Swiss Skydive Elevator guerrilla ad


03-Get Them off Your Dog – People As Fleas
Perwanal Saatchi & Saatchi in Jakarta, Indonesia, has taken interactivity and creepy-crawliness to a new, flat level with the creation of this massive ‘floor sticker’ in an Jakarta shopping center .

floor sticker ad in a Jakarta shopping center


05-Strip Club Pole Position
Life like print ads are sweeping the world’s most prominent cities. In Paris, String fellows strip club have put the pole into pole-dancing by cleverly designing their print campaign to work with existing lamp posts throughout the city.

Strip Club Pole Position Guerrilla Ad

06-Duracell bus ad in New Delhi, India

Duracell bus ad


07-Indonesian Railways: Giant Cleaver
Many accidents happened on train crossing gate in Indonesia. Instead of putting unusual notice board poster (that people never notice), they installed a giant cleaver shaped poster on the gate to remind people about the danger. The copy says, “Don’t be reckless, Stay safe.”

giant cleaver as train crossing gate


08-Royal Canin: Drooling dog
Two billboards were placed face to face, each on one side of a small street. One of the billboards shows the close portrait of a dog on a plain white background that looks directly to the billboard in front of him.

Royal Canin Billoboard: Drooling dog


09-Sirius: 100 Percent Commercial-Free Music via Satellite Radio

Sirius Satellite Radio Highway Ad


10-Virgin Atlantic: What brings you to London?

Virgin Alantic Billboard: What Brings You to London


12-Panasonic Nose Trimmer: Baldy
These billboards were built around actual electric wires and poles to amusingly yet convincingly dramatize the need for Panasonic nose hair trimmer’s safety cutting system.

billboard built around electric wire for nose hair trimmer


14-Hansapark: Are we there yet?
To keep kids and adults alike from asking “are we there yets?”, these billboard posted on your way to this park will make your trip less boring.

Hansapark Billboard: Are we there yet?


17-Coops Paints
Guerrilla billboard ad for an insurance company showing that life is full of surprises so you better be ready and insured.

guerrilla billboard ad for an insurance company


19-Pacific Airlines: The sky has never been cheaper

transparent billboard for Pacific Airlines seat sale


20-T-Mobile: Don’t Drop Your Girl
No one has fewer dropped calls in New York.

T-Mobile dropped calls billboard ad


22-Copenhagen Zoo: Snake Bus
Giant constrictor snake squeezing complete Copenhagen city bus.

Copenhagen Zoo Snake Bus Ad


23-Chili Club: Man on Fire

Chili Club Ad on Lighter: Man on Fire


26-Formula Toothcare Billboard
Formula Toothcare “builds strong teeth.”

Formula Toothcare Billboard


27-Dense Muffins
In North Carolina, there is a successful supermarket chain, called Bloom. Amongst the large variety of regular groceries and specialty products it sells are several signature products. These include two-ounce gourmet cookies and “Bloomberry” jumbo muffins.

cool muffin billboard ad


28-“The Back Seat’s No Safer. Belt Up”
Here is a unique way to remind people to buckle up in the back seat. Created by Clement BBDO in Austalia, this billboard displays a huge slingshot in 3D which appears to propel a passenger into the air. The message is clear, belt up or your body will be slinged.

seatbelt reminder billboard with slingshot


29-Transparent Billboard from Nike

Transparent Billboard from Nike


31-Mini Cooper Comes in Boxes
A Christmas guerrilla campaign with huge cardboard boxes around Amsterdam promoting mini.

mini cooper boxes-guerrilla christmas ad


32-Transparent Billboards for Sony PSP

Transparent Billboards for Sony PSP


33-Sony Pictures 2012 Movie: Flooding the subway
Campaign of the film’s release in 2012 in Brazil. Action in the subway Cantagalo, in Copacabana – Rio de Janeiro, where a patch of about 45m on each side simulates a flood the subway.

guerrilla ad for 2012 movie: flooding the subway


34-Peter MacCallum Cancer Centre: Break
A cool and not-easy-to-ignore reminder to take a break from the sun.

anti skin cancer ad at a beach


35-Bic Billboard: Gardener Required
Bic developed this creative outdoor advertisement for their razors.  The billboard is blank except for a small logo, but without it, the advertisement might be missed and it acts as a good backdrop for the giant razor and cut grass.  The only draw back is the constant trimming of the lawn.

Bic razors cool billboard ad

Author: Gisela

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  1. That’s simple amazing! Best ads i’ve ever seen.

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  2. Marvelously entertaining post. Outstandingly clever designers. I’ve had dreams about situations like the Cooper Paints and the Copenhagen Snake Bus! Fantastic!

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  3. Great, creative ads – except McDonald’s ads, those are just sad attempts at advertising. The T-mobile is nothing special either.. a simple play with words.
    The best ones are probably the urban/guerilla adverts, those seem to be much more open towards radical and exciting concepts 🙂

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  4. Always great to see such creatively thought out work. I can only imagine the impact that these ads and billboards have on the viewers. Now that’s brand awareness!

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  5. I live ten minutes away from the “Coops paint” one in Columbus, Ohio. Just thought I’d let you know that the ad is for Nationwide.

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  6. I hate billboards… but love these.

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  7. this is fantastic……!!

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  8. The #30 DHL Box can be found in Cebu, Philippines! 🙂 Fantastic set, btw.

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    • really? That’s great… I should go there and check it out myself…:)

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  9. most of these are photoshopped, I can tell from the pixels

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  10. funny collection. thanks for posting.

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  11. Some of these are neat and some are so-so.

    Ben Koshkin

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  12. Inspired me. I barely forget these billboards.

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  13. As an art director for a billboard company for 20 years, I really appreciate the creativity in these examlples. Very nice!

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  14. I particular liked the McDonald one (200m, 197m), that was hilarious.

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  15. I “stumbled” across this, loved the pics! Just wondering though… On the Nike ad, don’t people end up running right into that? =)

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