21 Unique Save-the-Date Cards and Wedding Invitations

It is June! and June has always been the most popular month for weddings. Do you want to know why? Based on my quick research, June is named after the Roman Goddess of marriage named Juno. It is believed that  if a couple decides to marry during the month of June, Juno will bring prosperity and happiness to their home. On a more practical and logical note, June has been favored as the month to get married in the past because if married in June, the bride was likely to birth her first child in Spring, allowing her enough time to recover before the fall harvest. I’m not sure if this still applies today. Nonetheless, many couples are still choosing to get hitched during this month. To celebrate this month of weddings, here are some unique save-the-date cards and wedding invitations for your inspiration.

unique wedding invitations

One of the major aspects of getting married is having a nice wedding invitation card. Most couple spend a lot to come up with something that is unique and matches the theme that they have in m ind. In addition to wedding invitations, couples are now also sending Save-the-Date cards to give plenty of time to their friends and family and make sure that those people they want to be present during the wedding ceremony will not forget the date.

If you are looking for ideas on how to make your wedding invites or save the date cards unique and creative, we decided to look all over the web for some good design examples that you might have not seen yet. Featured below are unique wedding invitations and save the date cards featuring designs that look like a movie poster, a comic cartoon, a newspaper layout, driver’s license, among other things. To view the high-resolution or larger versions of these invites, simply click on the text link found below each post. More information about each design are also available in each author’s page. Enjoy!


01- Ladyfingers Letterpress Laser Cut Save the Date
Through typography, color palette, and a bit of playful laser cutting these save the date announcements do a great job representing the fun and excitement of a wedding, and the techie side of the two grooms.

laser engraved cut save the date card


02-There’s Hope: Newspaper Save the Date Announcement
The design of the save the date announcement was to look like an exposé caught on the front page of a local Newspaper.

newspaper save the date announcement


03-“Concert” Poster Save the Date
A unique save the date card laid out and worded like a concert poster.

concert poster save the date card


04-Save the Date on the Wall
A Save the Date card made by changing the logo on the wall and adding some text!

save the date announcement on the wall


05- Katie and Jeremy’s Save the Date Card
These cards were printed by Moo.

save the date cards


06-Funny Comics Style Save the Date Card

Funny Comics Style Save the Date Card


07- Letterpress Save Date and Program
This wedding invitation includes a CD Program, Save-the-Date card and a removable-belt that reveals the specifics of the wedding date and location. Belt is adhered on one end to back of the card while the other side is perforated and backed with envelope adhesive so recipients could remove and affix to a calendar.

letterpress save the date program and cards


08- Save the Date Index Cards
These were not actual save the date card but rather a school design project. But hey, the idea is unique and couls be a good idea for someone who is looking for a unique idea for a save the date card design.

save the date index cards with calendar


01-Endless Love: Movie Poster Wedding Invitation
This unique wedding invitation is designed like a movie poster. Important details such as date, venue, etc. were creatively incorporated in the design.

unique wedding invitations

02- Join us in the Woods
Designed for a wedding in the woods, the card features pop-up trees to give prospective guests a taste of event they would be attending. The RSVP card was perforated, which let the guest remove the response card and keep a handy map of the surrounding area. An accordion-style field-guide was also included, with illustrations done using local plants and animals.

woods wedding invitation

03-Unique Wedding Invitations: Flip Flop Beach Theme
Artist and designer, Michelle Mospens, makes use of flip flops as the main design element for a beach-themed wedding.



04- Wedding Reception Guest Book Poster
A typographic vintage looking guest book poster. Way more fun than signing a guest book, right?


05- Fer & Nora Wedding invitation
This invitation card has two parts, the lower with the event data and instructions on what to do with the card. The top, on the other hand, contains a series of micro-perforated circles with laser that can be separated as each guest wants. They can draw various elements regarding the wedding such as a heart, rings, a shrimp… typical things. The instructions give ideas, but then everyone is free to do what they want to make their invitation personal. But it doesn’t stop there, these leftover circles become confetti to be thrown to Fer and Nora when they leave the church, helping to create a party atmosphere in their first minutes as newlyweds.

unique wedding invitation with lasered holes

unique wedding invitation with lasered holes

06- Eva & Juanjo wedding invitation
An invitation featuring partridges. Exciting as the arrival of the bride and romantic as the waltz. Details of the wedding event is indicated in the tag that comes along with the jar.

unique jar wedding invitation

07- Wedding Invitation for Photographer Couple
Since the couple are both passionate photographers, they decided to turn their mutual obsession with photography into a theme.

wedding invitation for photographer couple

08- Winter’s Wedding Invitation
Lots of lovely illustration, ample hand work, an open brief, and speedy digital printing made it possible for these charming Victorian-era-inspired wedding invitations came together in record time for Nate Harris.

illustrated victorian wedding invitation

09- Amy & Billy’s Wedding Celebration Invitation
This invitation has been stamped on a thin sheet of birch wood. The choice of this unconventional material for printed card ties in nicely to the classic American travel design influence, the location—a lodge in the woods—and will certainly make an impression on the invitees.

birch paper wedding invitation

10-  Saray & Mark Wedding Invitation
Pop-up folding and a playful enclosure bring a touch of whimsy to this cool, calm wedding collection.

pop-up folding wedding invitation card

11- Nature-Inspired Laser Cut Wedding Invitations
The laser cut technique is such a great way to add dimension and texture to a wedding invitation suite, and Georgie + Dave’s nature-inspired invitations by Amy of Saint Gertrude Design and Letterpress are a perfect example. The tree silhouette is beautiful as a stand alone piece, and is even more beautiful when combined with letterpress printed pieces!

laser cut wedding invitation card

12- Amy + John’s 3D Decoder Surprise Wedding Invitations
After several years together, Amy and her now-husband decided to finally tie the knot. With their friends and family already gathered together to celebrate their daughter’s 2nd birthday, they handed out decoder glasses and surprised everyone with a wedding! How fun!

surprise scratch off wedding invitation

13-Daniel & Leslie Wedding Invites and Collateral
An artful combination of straightforward and “straight craftiness”, Daniel and Leslie’s clever integration of ink stamping, digital printing, and hand trimming is resourcefully non-traditional in this type-based, Texas wedding package.

typographic wedding invitation and collaterals

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