200+ Beautiful Floral Swirls Photoshop Brushes

Swirls and flowers create fresh-looking designs. That is why we see them everywhere–in websites, magazines, advertisements, logos, banners even in scrapbooks. Sometimes, I would like to think that we are already overdoing the use of these design elements. But, anyway, who cares? As long as the design looks good and fresh, right? So here, I am posting 20 sets of floral swirls Photoshop brushes (or more than 200 free brushes) that you could use to give your design a little kick. Most of these swirls Photoshop brushes are licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-Noncommercial 3.0 License, which means you may download this for personal and non-commercial uses. However, it is best to check the terms of use of each set. To download the set that you want, simply click on the text link found below each image. If you found any dead link, kindly report it to us so we can fix it as soon as possible.

flower and swirls brushes for photoshop preview


01-Floral Brushes by Hawksmont
Includes 9 big brushes with resolution of at lest 1300 px each. These high-quality brushes are therefore useful for printed design stuff. Created in Photoshop 7.

flowers, swirls and foliage brushes for photoshop

02- 21 Wild Vines and Grasses Brush Set
A set of brushes called Wild Summer, which includes 21 high-res silhouettes of vines, flowers, and birds. These brushes are great for creating interesting backgrounds for post cards, greeting cards, banners, among other things.


03- Vine Love Brush Set by Mels Brushes
A total of 16 curly vines made in Photoshop 7 free for personal use. If you want to use this set in your commercial projects, please visit the author’s page. This set can be purchased at £5.

vines and swirls brushes for photoshop

04 – Japanese Flowers Brush Set by Mels Brushes
The pack contains 20 Japanese art style flowers free for personal use. If you want to use this set in your commercial projects, please visit the author’s page. This set can be purchased at £5.

japanese flower brushes for photoshop

05 – Funky Flower Brush Set by gvalkyrie
Here are some retro-style flowers you can use in your designs as background or as main feature.

funky flower brushes for photoshop

06- Roshiweb Brushes 55 by Roshi
Composed of hand drawn flowers and swirls that you can use for free.

hand drawn flowers and swirls brushes for photoshop

07- Flower Brushes by Aless 1984
Includes 15 really cute flowers for Photoshop CS, scanned from a serviette by IKEA. The designs look like they were draw by kids and colored using crayons.

crayon colored flower brushes for photoshop

08- Floral Brushes II by Hawksmont
Second part of of flower brushes series from this author. There are 6 big brushes – at lest 700 px each, so you can use them also in printed stuff.  Created in Photoshop 7.

swirls and flower brushes for photoshop

10- Japanese Stencil Brushes by Solitary Stock
10 brushes for Photoshop 7 made from some Japanese stencils. The brushes are in various sizes, between 100-1300 pixels.

japanese stencilo flower brushes for photoshop

11-Circle flower brushes by coolwing
The pack includes flower brushes plus vines and swirls for Photoshop CS and later versions.

circle flower brushes for photoshop

12-Flower Vectors Brushes by redheadstock
29 single image of various flower shapes in vector designs. These are high resolution and compatible with Photoshop 7 up to the latest version. Average size is about 1500 pixels.

flower vector brushes for photoshop

13-Random Brush Set 2 by Tink-ling
High quality random brush set of swirls, twirls, circles, hearts, love and those stereo circle thingies. A total of 29 brushes are included.

flower and circles brushes for photoshop

14- Tropical Flowers Brush by sara1elo
8 brushes for Photoshop composed of tropical flowers such as Hibiscus and other tropical themed ornaments.

tropical flower brushes for photoshop

15-Meia Brush Set by Zrinka
In this pack, you will find mandalas, stars, suns and flowers… in a geometric way of Meia!

geometric flower brushes for photoshop

16- Flower Brush Set by paranoidstock
This pack of Photoshop brushes includes includes 7 glowing flower brushes made in Photoshop CS. These are perfect for creating fantasy themed designs or in any composition where you need to achieve a dreamy look and feel.

dreamy glowing flower brushes for photoshop

17- Hibiscus Flower Brushes by Photoshop Free Brushes
This pack includes hibiscus flowers. Hibiscus flowers are popular in tropical places such as Hawaii and the Philippines. These flowers along with palm trees surely remind us of hot summer days at the beach.

hibiscus flower brushes for photoshop

18- Orchid Flower Photoshop Brushes
Includes high-resolution images of various wild orchid flowers. These orchid brushes are useful if you need some decorative elements in your designs such as in postcards, brochures, greeting cards or invitation cards. There are 16 images in this set with each having a resolution of around 1500 to 2500 pixels.

wild orchids flower brushes for photoshop

19-Floral Pack by shadow963
This brush set contains 10 different floral brushes available in 2 sizes. (10 small sized and 10 big sized for wallpaper/background stuff).

floral swirls brushes for photoshop

20-Super Large Rose Clip Art Photoshop Brushes
A set composed of different species and arrangement of roses that you can use to design cards, posters, etc.Created in Photoshop CS2, these rose clip art images have resolution of around 2500 pixels and should work with any CS version of Photoshop.

rose flower brushes for photoshop

Author: Gisela

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  1. very helpful for the valentine postcard I’m making…thank you

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  2. The Ornaments brushes are very beautiful but would not load in photoshop 7 as they are a newer version and the image pack is useless unless you want to spend hours trying to erase the background as they are in jpg format. I guess if you want you can still use them but you would have to have a white background….BORING. All image packs should be in png format.

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  3. Carol – you can use ABR viwer to extract PNG images to use brush sets on older versions of photoshop. I wrote a tut on how to use it – comes in very handy. Here it is: http://www.melsbrushes.co.uk/?p=52
    And thanks to the poster for featuring my brushes!

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  4. I love these brushes thanks so much!

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