500+ Decorative Christmas Photoshop Brushes

Give your Christmas designs this Holiday Season a personal touch by creating your own greeting cards cards and gift tags. If you know how to use Photoshop, the easiest way to create lovely Christmas cards, gift tags, post cards, party invitations, etc. is by using brushes that you can download and install for free. I know Christmas is still over a month away but designers are already starting to create Christmas-themed designs as early as November. So here, we gathered the 50 best Christmas clip art brushes that we found online to save you time from searching and hopping from one site to another.

We hope you will find these Christmas clip art brushes useful in creating your very own designs. The collections include most of the popular Christmas clip art and symbols  such as Christmas trees, Santa Claus, Christmas Stars, and even winter-related brushes such as Snowman, pine covered with snow,  snowflakes, and many others. If you like the collection, do not forget to bookmark this page so you can easily go back and access these resources in case you find some good use for them later.

If you decide to use any of these Christmas clip art brushes, please be sure to check first the terms of usage set by their respective author. Also, please credit the author not this blog in your Christmas designs. To download the set that you want, just click on the preview image and it will take you to the source or author’s page where you can view more details such as sizes, terms of use, and the download link for the brushes. Have fun!


For easy browsing and convenience, we grouped the brushes below based into four categories. Most popular of course are Christmas trees then snow and snowflakes. We also included a category for stars brushes. The remaining brushes are Holiday and Christmas decorations such as wreaths, balls, glitters, balls, etc.


01 – Christmas Tree brushes
There are 8 high-quality images in this set composed of various Christmas trees that you can use for free. These are intended for Photoshop CS and higher.

christmas tree photoshop brushes

02 – Christmas Tree Branches
This set contains 10 large Christmas tree/evergreen branches. These brushes were made in Photoshop CS3.

christmas evergreen tree branches photoshop brushes

03 – Pine Brushes Mega Pack
This set contains 16 images and 33 smaller parts of pine leaves and branches for creating your own pine tree.

christmas pine tree photoshop brushes

04 – Christmas Tree Brushes
This set includes images of decorated and not yet decorated Christmas trees. There are also light strings you can use for custom decorating of the trees.

christmas trees photoshop brushes

05 – Christmas Tree Brushes
Another set consisting images of pine trees perfect for creating Christmas trees. These trees have no decoration yet do you can still customize them based on what you want.

bare christmas tree photoshop brushes


06 – Christmas Snowflakes Brushes

illustrated vector christmas photoshop brushes

07 – Snowflake Brushes
This set contains 22 images of snowflakes created in vector program and later converted into brush images. The snowflakes are in different sizes.

snowflakes christmas photoshop brushes in various sizes

08 -Snowflake Brushes by Hawkmont
This set includes 20 large snowflakes transformed into brushes with Photoshop 7.0.

drawn christmas snowflakes photoshop brushes

09 – Realistic Snowflakes Brushes
This set includes realistic snowflake images in repeating and size varying patterns. Useful for creating some realistic snowing effects in your Christmas designs.

realistic christmas snowflakes photoshop brushes

10– Snowflakes Brushes
Another set composed of images of snowflakes.

vector christmas snowflakes photoshop brushes

11– Rain’s Winter Brushes
Snow and winter images for creating a snowing landscape especially during Christmas.

snow winter photoshop brushes

12 – Snow Plus  Snowflakes Set
This set is made up of various snow and snowflakes images. This includes various flakes in different shapes, with some of them grouped as patterns. There are also some that are crocheted while others are scattered flake shapes made to look like real snow that you can add to any scene.

snow and snowflakes photoshop brushes

13 – 96 Snowflakes Brushes
As the title suggest, this pack has 96 wonderfully designed images of snowflakes for your winter-themed designs.

hand drawn snowflakes photoshop brushes

14 -Snowflake Brush Set
Another useful set featuring illustrated and flower-shaped snowflakes.

flower shaped snowflakes photoshop brushes


15 – Christmas Stars
This set includes 14 high-resolution images, 300-500 pixels in diameter. Use them to decorate your Christmas cards with lots of little stars spread over the page, as a large under print beneath your designs, or on top of a Christmas Tree. These are high-resolution to enable great quality for print. They are compatible with Photoshop Elements and from Photoshop 7.0 to CS4.

christmas stars photoshop brushes

16– Pixie Dust Trails
Star-like winter snowflakes for creating magical looking designs for Christmas.

star dust trails photoshop brushes

17 – Glitter Brushes
A set of Photoshop and Gimp brushes composed of various glitter and sparkles of all kinds! Includes  various clusters of glitter and sparkles that can be easily overlapped to create as much glitter as you could ever want or need. There are also several glittery and misty brushes in various designs and shapes and much more!

christmas glitter photoshop brushes


19 – Star Clip Art Brushes
Because stars are among the common element of a Christmas-themed design, we also included this set composed of high-res star illustrations in various shapes and sizes.

clip art stars christmas photoshop brushes


20 – Holiday Brushes
A set of images composed of various holiday items and symbols. Mostly Christmas stuff, but a few Hanukkah items thrown in, as well! Includes: angel, bells, bows, candy cane, corner and divider pictures, ornamental images, and a lot more!

christmas holiday photoshop brushes

21 – Christmas Balls
Just in case you want to already start working on Christmas-themed designs, here is a set composed of Christmas balls. Created in Photoshop CS2, each has resolution of around 500 pixels and should work with any CS version of Photoshop.

christmas balls photoshop brushes

22 – Vintage Christmas Brushes
If you want a vintage look for your Christmas designs, here are 25 Christmas Photoshop brushes made from old newspaper images that you can use for free.

vintage christmas photoshop brushes

23 – Christmas Brushes Vol. 1
This set of is composed of 24 images featuring high-resolution images of various Christmas clip arts such as images of Santa, Snowman, candles, Christmas bells, cane candies, stars, etc. Each brush has a resolution of around 1700 to 1900 pixels. Created in Adobe Photoshop CS3, these should work with any CS version of Photoshop.

christmas ornaments and decorations photoshop brushes

24 – Mirror Image Stock Christmas  Brushes
Deck the halls with these lovely Christmas ornaments for Photoshop.

deck the halls christmas photoshop brushes

25 – Christmas Songs
This is a set of medium size text brushes composed of popular Christmas songs. Created in Photoshop CS, thus it should work with any CS and above versions of Photoshop.

christmas songs text photoshop brushes

26 -Christmas Brushes
This is a set of 7 or 8 Christmas images that you can use for designing cards, gift tags, etc.

christmas ornaments photoshop brushes

27 – Christmas Ornament Brushes
Rendered in Bryce for a unique touch, these images are useful for adding some nice ornaments to dress up your holiday projects. Compatible with Photoshop 7 and higher versions (CS, CS2).

christmas ornaments photoshop brushes


29 – Large Christmas Themed Brushes
Here are 12 rather large Christmas themed images for Photoshop. They were made using CS3 from stock photos. Please do not redistribute or claim as your own. Other than that use them as you wish.

christmas decor photoshop brushes

30 – Christmas Brush Set
This set is composed of 8 medium-resolution pictures  for Christmas that you can use to make your digital art pop and sparkle! These are part of a huge quality set of 150 high-res brushes which brushthis.com created specially for Christmas in a bumper Xmas pack. Check it out on www.brushthis.com.

christmas decorations photoshop brushes

31 -Various Christmas Brushes
This set was created in Adobe Photoshop CS2 and should work with the CS and later versions. A total of 15 images related to the Holidays and Christmas make up this set such as candles, stars, snowflakes, bells, wreaths, gifts and many more. These are useful for creating gift tags, Christmas greeting cards, wallpapers, posters, etc.

christmas themed decor photoshop brushes

32– Mediaslap Holiday Set
This set is composed of 25 high-resolution images that you can use for personal Christmas design projects.

christmas holiday decor photoshop brushes

33 – MDS Christmas Ornaments
A set composed of various ornaments you can use in any way you want.

christmas ornaments photoshop brushes

34 – Christmas Cheer Brushes
A collection of large images for Photoshop CS. All images were taken from a very old piece of clip art software owned by the author.

christmas cheer photoshop brushes

35 – Christmas Doodles Brushes

christmas doodles photoshop brushes

36 – Coolwing’s Christmas Brushes

christmas decor photoshop brushes

37 – Crystal Christmas Miniatures
This set contains 15 crystal Christmas miniatures made of Swarovski crystals.

crystal christmas miniature photoshop brushes

38 – Christmas Decorations
This set contains 9 images compatible with Photoshop CS3 and composed of different Christmas decorations.

christmas decorations photoshop brushes

39 – PS Christmas Brushes
A total of 45 Photoshop Christmas brushes you can use freely.

christmas photoshop brushes

40 – Christmas Ornaments Brushes

Christmas Ornaments Brushes

41- Gift Boxes – PS Brushes
This set is composed of different illustrations of gift boxes that you can use for free in your designs. Ideal to use for making birthday, anniversary or even Christmas cards and gift tags. There are a total of 24 brushes in this set with resolution of each brush set at around 1900-2000 pixels. Created in Adobe Photoshop CS3, these brushes should work with any CS version of Photoshop.

christmas Gift Boxes photoshop brushes


43 – Christmas Brushes

christmas alphabet photoshop brushes

44 – Christmas Set

christmas balls and wreaths photoshop brushes

45 – Christmas Accents Brushes

christmas accents photoshop brushes

46 – Christmas Vector Brushes

christmas vector photoshop brushes


50 -Holiday Tags
Here are some designer tags in vertical layout with a Christmas theme. These are tasteful and upbeat for your holiday wrappings.

christmas holiday tags photoshop brushes

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